3 Ways to Save Money at the Dentist

3 Ways to Save Money at the Dentist
Posted on 05/23/2016

Skipping a dentist appointment may seem harmless at first, but it can actually take a toll on your wallet and overall oral health. Dr. Robert Burks and his team want to remind you that sticking to your dental schedule will save you money (and time) in the long run. We offer a variety of payment options to ensure that your dental treatment is affordable. Below you’ll also find important tips for getting the most out of your trips to the dentist.

1. Commit to preventive care: The lowest cost cavity is the one you never get. Practicing great oral hygiene is the best way to prevent expensive dental problems. Brushing for at least 2 minutes twice a day and flossing once a day to access all areas not reached by your toothbrush helps you maintain a healthy mouth.

2. Get routine checkups: Regular dental visits can address any potential problems early when they are almost always less costly, as opposed to a more progressed situation that can result in more complicated and costly procedures. For example, if left untreated, a routine cavity could develop into an extremely painful root canal, which will end up costing much more money. Dentists recommend having an exam and cleaning twice a year to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, as well as prevent costly care.

3. Commit to a healthy diet: Diets high in sugars and carbohydrates can increase your risk for cavities, as they cause bacteria buildup. Consider foods such as candy and sodas as a treat vs. a regular part of your diet. If you can, brush your teeth after eating these treats and incorporate teeth-friendly foods, such as leafy greens, yogurt, and apples. 

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