Are Diabetes & Gum Disease Associated?

Are Diabetes & Gum Disease Associated?
Posted on 04/13/2017

At the office of Dr. Robert Burks, we go beyond offering you comprehensive dental care, as we really care about your overall well-being too. It’s no secret that having a beautiful smile reaps incredible benefits, such as increased self-confidence, great oral health and improved appearance. But did you also know that poor oral health can harm the body? Find out more about the connection between diabetes and gum disease, and how to prevent issues from arising.

The Connection Between Diabetes & Gum Disease

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Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes. Many know that it can harm important parts of the body like the eyes, nerves, kidneys, and heart.  Many do not know that there is also an increased risk of gum disease in those who have diabetes. Research also shows that serious gum disease can affect the control of glucose levels. The higher sugar levels in the mouth can cause more rapid plaque buildup, which is a huge contributor to developing gum disease.

Gaining control of blood glucose levels, practicing meticulous dental home care (with proper brushing and flossing techniques), and seeing your dentist regularly can prevent these dental complications. Also, eating a healthy diet with fruits, vegetables and other low sodium foods is highly recommended.

Those with diabetes have special needs, so be sure to keep your dentist and hygienist informed of your health, any changes in your condition, and any medications you might be taking so that they can provide you with the optimal care you need.

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