Can I Get a Cavity Under My Crown?

Can I Get a Cavity Under My Crown?
Posted on 04/23/2018
Woman getting her dental crowns examined by a dentist

At the office of Dr. Robert Burks, we want to ensure that patients keep their current teeth as healthy as possible, and ensure that those who receive dental care take great care of their new smile. 

One question we get often in our office is about dental crowns, and how to best care for them. You can learn more below!

Will My Crown Last Forever?

Patients often ask: "Can I get cavities under and around the bottom of my crowns"? and the answer is YES! 

Crowns fit snugly against the gum tissue, but decay can form around the bottom of the crown if the area is not kept clean. How you care for your teeth on a daily basis has a direct impact on how healthy your crowns are. There are a couple of things you can do to prevent decay from forming around your crowns:

  • Brush for 2 minutes, 2-3 times a day

  • Floss once a day...every day!

  • Use a high fluoride toothpaste, like Fluoridex toothpaste (available in our office for $15)

  • Get an In-Office Fluoride Treatment at your hygiene visit (available for $29)

  • Use a Sonicare electric toothbrush. It is amazing how much cleaner Sonicare keeps your teeth vs. a traditional toothbrush

Visit Your Local Winter Springs Dentist Today!

Of course, visit your dental office for hygiene visits as prescribed by your dentist. These techniques will not only keep your teeth cleaner and healthier, but you will also save money on your dental care. For more information, please contact our office at 407-327-2030. You can also schedule an appointment online if you prefer. We can’t wait to see your smiling face in our office soon!