How You Can Reverse Gingivitis

How You Can Reverse Gingivitis
Posted on 07/27/2016

At the office of Dr. Robert Burks, we pride ourselves on giving our patients the finest preventative oral care and tips for maintaining healthy teeth. Our painless services, which include general and cosmetic dentistry, make our practice a top choice for families living in Winter Springs, Oviedo, and other surrounding areas. One of the most common problems we see in the office is gingivitis, but fortunately, some simple lifestyle changes can reverse this issue.

The Signs & Symptoms of Gingivitis

If you have gums that  bleed on occasion, you may have gingivitis. Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums that begins at the surface, above the gum line, due to plaque bacteria. In more advanced stages of gingivitis, gums can be tender to the touch and can bleed easily. Without care and treatment, gingivitis can lead to a more progressive gum infection called periodontal disease, which leads to bone and tooth loss. 

Some can be more prone to gingivitis and gum disease than others. Family history, diabetes, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and diets high in sugars or carbohydrates, are all factors that increase your risks of gingivitis.


The good news is that you can reverse gingivitis! You can do this by the removal of plaque bacteria on a daily basis with thorough brushing and flossing (brushing 2 minutes a day at least 2 times a day and flossing daily). It takes 2 weeks for gingivitis to fully heal in your mouth, so bleeding and possible tenderness with home care may occur at first, but will eventually stop once the gums are healthy again.

Visit your dentist regularly for a thorough cleaning and checkup and ask your dental hygienist about the best home care techniques to help reverse or prevent gingivitis and gum disease.

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