10 Truths About Invisalign

Ten Truths About Invisalign
Posted on 03/07/2018

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When it comes to providing top-notch dental care, you can count on the team at Dr. Robert Burks office to deliver. Besides your typical general and cosmetic dentistry services, we also offer Invisalign, the advanced and revolutionary treatment that helps patients achieve a beautiful, straight smile. 

If you’re interested in Invisalign, you’ll find more information about it below. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Winter Springs office for more information! 

Invisalign Isn't Right For Everyone

Invisalign is very effective at treating common orthodontic problems (like crowded teeth, gaps, or minor overbites), however,  it’s not always capable of treating complex orthodontic cases. If you’re curious to know  how Invisalign can enhance your smile, call Dr. Burks’ office to schedule a complimentary Invisalign consultation.

You Need to Wear Your Aligners 

We recommend that you wear your Invisalign aligners a minimum of  22 hours per day.  They can be taken out for eating, cleaning your teeth, and special occasions.   Invisalign doesn’t work when the aligners aren’t worn as often as required, so it’s important to wear them 24/7.

It May Be Uncomfortable at First 

The truth is that the vast majority of patients feel little-to-no discomfort throughout our their Invisalign treatment. Typically, any discomfort that’s experienced is when switching to a new set of aligners – and this only lasts for about a day or two.

Invisalign is "Invisible" 

These clear, polyurethane aligners are so discreet that others won’t even realize that you’re wearing them. This makes Invisalign a perfect choice for those who want a professional appearance during treatment.

You Can Eat What You Like

Unlike traditional braces, you’ll be able to continue eating all your favorite foods. The reason for this is because you’ll remove your aligners before you eat; this means that you won’t have to worry about any foods potentially harming your orthodontics.

You Should Brush Your Teeth After Each Meal 

One of the benefits of Invisalign is that you can thoroughly clean your teeth after eating.  If you put your aligners back in without cleaning your teeth, you may end up trapping food particles against your teeth. This can be harmful for your teeth and create dental problems, such as tooth decay.

You May Lose Weight

Because it’s so important to brush your teeth after you eat, you’ll likely find that you’ll just refrain from eating snacks throughout the day. Though this seems like an annoyance, you may find that you’ll end up losing some extra weight by foregoing those unnecessary snacks.

You May Sound Different

Just like traditional braces, you’ll have an adjustment period where you’ll have to get used to speaking with your orthodontics in. Initially, you may have a slight lisp while your aligners are in, but this will go away over time. Remember – the more that you speak with your aligners in, the quicker that your speech will go back to normal.

It’s Worth It

As we mentioned, Invisalign is an advanced and revolutionary way to undergo orthodontic treatment.  Invisalign is a comfortable, convenient, and completely discreet treatment while offering the same results as traditional braces. If the thought of wearing braces has ever stopped you from attaining a straighter smile, there’s no reason not to consider Invisalign!

Contact Your Local Invisalign Providers Today!

To schedule a complimentary Invisalign consultation, please call our office at (407) 327-2030 or complete our online appointment request form. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile, and Dr. Burks would be happy to discuss your options and develop a treatment plan that’s right for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!