iTero Scanner

At the office of Dr. Robert Burks, we’re committed to using the latest methods and technology to ensure our patients get the most efficient and accurate treatment. iTero has led the way in the 3D digital dentistry revolution, providing us with extremely accurate digital images to enhance the treatment process like never before. We’re proud to utilize the iTero scanner in our Winter Springs office, helping us provide the easiest, hassle-free treatment for our patients. 

About the iTero Scanner

Incredibly accurate, safe, convenient and comfortable, the iTero scanner is used to create a highly-detailed 3D digital image of the mouth so we can provide effective treatment to our patients. We use the iTero scanner to quickly and easily capture images of the teeth for patients receiving crowns, bridges and dental implants as well as for those who will be straightening their teeth with Invisalign. And because the scanner is compatible with Invisalign, we’re able to show our Invisalign patients what their smiles will look like once they’re done wearing the aligners.

No Goopy Mess, No Worries!

Taking impressions of the mouth using conventional methods is time consuming and uncomfortable for the patient. Many patients become anxious when having messy impressions taken due to gagging, swallowing or choking on the “goop” that spills over the impression trays. But now, thanks to the iTero scanner, our patients don’t have to endure any this. While we capture the digital images using the hand-held scanner, the patient can simply sit back, relax and watch the images as they appear on the computer screen to see the structure of their teeth and gums in a way that was never before possible. Once we’re done capturing the images, the computer software constructs a precise replica of the patient’s teeth.

The iTero scanner assists Dr. Burks in providing superior dental care to his patients. Unlike conventional impressions which often have to be re-done due to errors or inaccuracies, digital impressions seldom if ever need to be redone due to them being extremely accurate. This results in less time spent in the dental chair which is something most patients appreciate!

To learn even more about iTero, you can view the PDFs below.

Dr. Robert Burks – An iTero Scanner Practice

iTero Element: Patient Brochure GP

iTero & Invisalign

This revolutionary system offers incredible compatibility with one of our most popular treatments: Invisalign. Using the iTero scanner, your images can be sent directly to the lab, where custom aligners are made for you. With rapid response times and pinpoint accuracy, the iTero scanner ensures that your treatment time is as quick and efficient as possible. You’ll be able to achieve a beautiful smile quickly, and reap other benefits such as:

    • 50% Faster Treatment - Quicker treatment also means less appointments, and less time spent in the office.
    • 10X Fewer Aligner Rejections - Poor fitting aligners can lengthen treatment time, and even cost you more money. 
    • 7X Fewer Patient Issues
    • Better Patient Experience - You can easily follow your treatment progress with Dr. Burks, and see your orthodontic progress in real time.

    Contact Your Winter Springs and Oviedo Dentist

    We want the time you spend in our office improving your smile to be a pleasant and worry-free time as patient comfort is very important to us! If you have any questions about the iTero scanner, please call our office at (407) 327-2030. We’re proud to serve patients in Winter Springs, Oviedo, Orlando, and more. We look forward to meeting you soon!