The Benefits and Importance of Dental Implants

The Benefits and Importance of Dental Implants

July 1, 2022

The loss of your natural teeth makes you concerned with your appearance because you don’t want to display gaps between your teeth. Little do you realize the consequences of tooth loss can heap various other problems that might affect your overall health.

You consult with friends and the dental office near you about the replacement solutions to close the gaps between your teeth. The dentists at the office recommend dentures, bridges, and implants, emphasizing that the latter option is the best to replace missing teeth in a surgical process.

The recommendation by the dentist near you, while appearing convincing, might make you fearful about the surgical procedure encouraging you to inquire further about this restorative option for your smile and overall health.

This article provides information about dental implants, their importance, and the advantages they offer you. Please learn more by reading this article on why dental implants are considered the best tooth restorative solution.

What Are Dental Implants?

Missing teeth do not merely indicate loss of dental crown, the visible portion of your tooth. Tooth loss also means you have lost the tooth roots holding it in place in your jawbone. In addition, it means you have more to replace than merely the dental crown.

Dental implants are titanium posts, a biocompatible material the dentist in winter Springs embeds in your jawbone. The implant functions as a replacement for your lost tooth roots to provide a stable foundation for a dental crown to be mounted atop it. It indicates that you are replacing the entire portion of your missing tooth if you are eligible for dental implants.

Why are Implants Required?

Your aesthetic appearance is not the only casualty of tooth loss, although it is most visible. Dental implants in winter Springs, FL, help restore mouth functionality by allowing you to speak and eat without concerns. Alternative options also restore these functions but with drawbacks, unlike dental implants.

Besides restoring eating and speaking, the replacement tooth root ensures your jawbone doesn’t deteriorate because it does not receive the stimulation from the chewing and biting actions. The lack of deterioration helps you maintain your facial features without having a sagging appearance.

Dental implants are the sole replacement solution that remains with you for life with proper dental hygiene. You don’t confront challenges like shifting or slipping replacement teeth when you have dental implants in your jawbone instead of alternatives.

Tooth loss, whether from the anterior region or the molars, encourages your remaining natural teeth to drift towards the vacant gap to cause misalignments in your mouth. Fortunately, the titanium post prevents the shifting of your remaining teeth to ensure you don’t need additional treatments to correct misalignments.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Missing teeth make eating and speaking challenging, as you did earlier. Unfortunately, restorative options like dentures don’t alleviate these problems. Furthermore, you need replacements for dentures every five to seven years besides frequent appointments with your prosthodontist for adjustments or relining. When you have dental implants embedded in your jawbone by Dr. Robert Burks, you won’t worry about such issues. Dental implants permit you to bite and chew with the forces of your natural teeth. In addition, they appear, feel, and function like your remaining teeth, making it challenging for anyone to distinguish between your natural and replaced teeth.

Unlike alternative replacement solutions needing removal at night for cleaning and additional tools besides your toothbrush to remove plaque from beneath your artificial teeth, dental implants merely require you to follow excellent dental hygiene practices ensuring that you brush and floss your natural teeth and the replacements as directed by your dentist. Getting regular exams and cleanings is also an essential requirement to eliminate plaque buildup constantly developing on your teeth.

If you care for your dental implants appropriately, you will likely never need replacements because they are durable and will not require substitutes unless you manage to break the dental crown by chewing on complex objects or taking an impact on your mouth.

Dental implants are acknowledged as the gold standard for replacing missing teeth because they restore all abilities you lost with your natural teeth. Unfortunately, the procedure for having them is complicated and lengthy, and implants are not suitable for everyone. However, if you qualify for this robust solution, rest assured you will never again experience the loss of the implanted tooth.

Robert R Burks, DDS — Winter Springs provides dental implants for one or several missing teeth. If you confront challenges with this problem, kindly contact the doctor to have a therapeutic solution lasting you for life.

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