Meet Our Team

Dr. Robert Burks
Caring for others is not only what we do, but also who we are.

The hallmark of our office is our caring staff. So many of our patients look forward to coming to the office because they know how well they will be cared for from the minute they step in the door. While we are very proud of the latest and advanced dental techniques that we offer, it is our genuine caring and personal touch that sets us apart.

“For me, it is important to work in an environment where patients come first. I also appreciate a growing office where new ideas and technologies are constantly integrated. Dr. Burks is not only a great dentist but one of the nicest people you will ever meet. His commitment to his patients, his dentistry, his staff, and family make this the place I want to work for many years to come.”

– Holly, Practice Coordinator

Patients notice how well Dr. Burks and his team work together. That is because of the long-term commitment his staff members have made to the practice. Like Dr. Burks, the team is made up of individuals who have built their careers in the dental field.

“I feel blessed to have this group of caring individuals working side-by-side with me, to be able to provide the excellent care that we offer our patients. After coming to our office, I think that you will agree with me that this is what a dental office should be; an office of people who truly care about each other and making sure our patients receive the quality care that they deserve.”

– Dr. Burks

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