Invisalign FAQ

At the office of Dr. Robert Burks, our goal is to provide high-quality dental treatment to patients in Winter Springs, Oviedo, and throughout the Orlando area. Not only do we provide a wide selection of dental services, but we also offer Invisalign treatment for patients who want a straighter, more spectacular smile. Please contact us if you’d like to know more about how Invisalign can improve your smile.

How Often Will I Need to Wear My Invisalign Aligners?

In order for your Invisalign treatment to be effective, it’s important for you to keep your aligners in for at least 22 hours per day. They should only be taken out for eating and cleaning your teeth. 

How Long Will my Invisalign Treatment Take? 

Typically, treatment time will be shorter than undergoing treatment with traditional braces and will generally last somewhere in the range of six to 18 months.  We’ll be able to give you more specific information during a complimentary Invisalign consultation. 

What Foods Do I Have to Avoid?

Unlike traditional braces, you actually won’t need to avoid any foods at all. Because you take out your aligners before you eat, there’s no worry about any foods harming your orthodontics. We just ask that you remember to brush your teeth before you put your aligners back in as you don’t want them to trap any leftover food particles against your teeth. 

Will Wearing Aligners Affect My Speech? 

Just like with any other orthodontic treatment, you’ll have a short adjustment period where you’ll need to get used to speaking with them in. However, the more that you speak with your aligners in, the shorter the adjustment period will be. 

Will the Invisalign Treatment Be Painful? 

Thankfully, no – our Invisalign treatment is pain-free! However, you may feel some minor discomfort or pressure each time you put in a new set of aligners. This isn’t a major deal though as this discomfort will typically subside after about a day or so of wearing the aligners. 

Can I Still Chew Gum? 

Yes, you can still chew gum, but we recommend that you take out your aligners before doing so as gum can stick to the aligners. 

Can I Smoke with the Aligners In? 

We strongly discourage you from smoking during your Invisalign treatment as smoking can discolor your aligners. 

How Do I Keep My Aligners Clean? 

Keeping your aligners clean is simple – just brush them regularly using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a dab of toothpaste. Rinse off your aligners afterward, but make sure not to use hot water as hot temperatures can warp the plastic. 

How Often Will I Need to See Dr. Burks during my Invisalign treatment? 

You’ll generally see us once every four-to-six weeks. These regular visits are needed so that we can make sure your treatment is progressing as planned. 

Will I Need to Wear a Retainer Afterward?

Yes. This is a crucial part of the orthodontic process as the retainer will help ensure that your teeth don’t shift back into their prior positions.